Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic Power Packs

Pressure range up to 400 bar, based on customized applications.

    With air-cooled heat exchanger

Press applications


With air-cooled heat exchanger


Compact design power pack


With Yuken components


With water-cooled heat exchanger


With Rexroth components


With air-cooled heat exchanger


Hydraulic Press


Hydraulic Punching Machine


Pneumatic Cutting Machine

Denomination Applications Symbol
Single acting cylinder The fluid pressure is applied in one sense only (forward stroke)
Back stroke: by undefined force By means of a spring
Double acting
The fluid pressure is applied
alternatively in two directions
(forward and back stroke)
Differential cylinder The ratio between the cylinder section
and the ring section of the piston near the
rod is essential for the cylinder operation
Double rod
Cylinder with
Acting from one side only
Acting from both sides

Double acting
telescopic cylinder

pressure source


Cylinder with several pistons which enter into each other with forward and backward movement

Control pipe
(straight line for simplified representations)